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Peter Long

19 September 2013

Grazing BMP Workshop

Animal Health and Welfare and Animal Production Modules



 “Beef Production”…. it’s a mugs game, but someone has to do it. 

By Sara Cue – Dawson Catchment Coordination Association


But what about the farmer’s wife?

Well now, there are kids, washing, mustering, budgeting for tighter margins, dealing with governments introducing legislation, animal rights groups showcasing gruesome cruelty, and not to mention the dreaded g-g-global warming.


This can, at times make life on the farm a little questionable.  However I believe the farmer’s wife can put a spin on any challenge.  Hence being the reason for targeting the Wowan Dululu Playgroup Ladies, of which all are off cattle properties that cover a huge range of country in the district.


This is what some of the ladies had to say -


I would like to genuinely thank Sara Cue for organising the Grazing BMP workshop for our local Wowan Playgroup mothers. So often we cannot attend these workshops due to family and children commitments so we were extremely grateful for this opportunity. The workshop was very informative and interesting and I really enjoyed the open discussions around the room regarding current practices and why we do what we do. I enjoyed Steve’s discussion on the sometimes tender or controversial topics of pain and cruelty in the treatment of our animals and what that means for practices such as dehorning, castration and branding. It was food for thought.


I learnt a lot about bull selection and our need to be more critical and analytical in our approach to this. I also learned that I need to employ better record management across all areas of our grazing practice. Whilst I felt that through most things we were doing the right thing at industry level, we were really let down by the fact that our record keeping was not up to scratch. If the opportunity arises to attend more workshops then I would be most interesting in being a part of it and sincerely look forward to the next one.


Thanks again to Matt, Jo & Steve for running a great workshop, thank you for your patience with our lovely if not sometimes noisy/boisterous children, but the biggest thank you to Sara Cue for making it all happen, coming up with the idea for a playgroup ladies workshop, for the amazing smoko and for entertaining and looking after the children for the day.

Sincerely, Rachel S


But wait there is more…….


Sara had the initiative to invite the playgroup ladies of Wowan and Dululu to attend a FBA's Grazing BMP workshop. Although I am lucky to be hands on in our business, it was a great opportunity to attend an industry workshop.


On Thursday 19 September, Sara organised a safe and secure environment to play, eat and entertain our next generation of Australian Graziers. She gave us 'peace of mind' while we had the opportunity to learn and interact, not only as a mature group, but also to discuss specific topics affecting our personal business one-on-one with knowledgeable speakers, Matt Brown, Jo Gangemi and Steve Banney.


At the conclusion of the workshop Thursday afternoon I felt reassured that we do have industry standard and above practices in our business, but I was hungry for more knowledge. There were an abundance of brochures available to take home, and Sara informed us that the next module of Grazing BMP will be in December - again she will be available to entertain our children.


I feel that keeping up-to-date in our industry is imperative to a successful and profitable business. Thank you for allowing us to be involved, Sara and the FBA.

Jodie M