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Grazing Best Management Practices
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Grazing Best Management Practices

The Grazing Best Management Practice program (Grazing BMP) is an industry-led, proactive and voluntary approach to demonstrate the uptake of good farm management practices and ethical and environmental stewardship.

Grazing BMP is a self-assessment system used by graziers to benchmark their management practices against standards set by industry utilising best available science.

The process will help graziers benchmark their practices with confidentiality, compare their performance within the industry and identify opportunities for further improvement. The aggregated information created from these self assessments is collated by the Grazing BMP Partnership for promoting industry performance and stewardship to the supply chain, governments and the wider community, as well as provide a pathway to progress identified issues utilising the most current methods, tools and support available.

Grazing BMP consists of five modules divided into key business areas

The modules have been developed by DAFF technical staff and export industry consultants. Review of the modules across the industry is an ongoing cyclic process to ensure the modules continue to remain applicable to all stakeholders.

Modules are: Soil Health (SH); Grazing Land Management (GL); People and Business (PB); Animal Production (AP); and Animal Health and Welfare (AH)

The Grazing BMP program is a voluntary,
industry-led process which helps graziers to
identify improved practices which can help
improve the long term profitability of their

It also helps identify the steps you need to
take to incorporate best management
practices into your enterprise.

Grazing BMP Modules

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program was developed by Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA), AgForce Queensland and the Queensland Department of Agriculture (QDAFF) along with a producer reference group, and is supported by the Queensland Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection (DEHP)

Grazing BMP was developed after increasing pressure to prove its environmental performance and animal welfare credentials.

157 standards assist in benchmarking where graziers currently sit in five modules: animal production, animal health and welfare, grazing land management, soil health and people and business

The program is completely voluntary and designed to help producers make the most of their enterprise for its long-term sustaniability.

You can choose from several methods to complete modules, including:

  • A workshop with other producers in your region
  • Online via webinar or teleconference
  • Online with support over the phone

Fine tuning business performance through benchmarking individual practice against industry ‘best practice’.

Identify opportunities and develop a plan to improve your business performance and then use this as an avenue for continuous improvement and to be able to see past performance and compare where the grazier is now.

Access information and support.

Agriculture is under increasing pressure to prove its environmental performance and animal welfare credentials.

There is a government and community misconception that farmers are not suitable land managers, particularly in relation to agricultural runoff of sediment and nutrients into the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon.

Farmers require a method to benchmark and communicate that they are the best environmental stewards of agricultural land so as to correct public perception and to avoid onerous and unrealistic regulation.

Grazing BMP can communicate industry sustainability through:

  • Ensuring individual grazier’s data remains anonymous through password protection.
  • Demonstrating levels of good practices and stewardship to supply chain, consumers, community and government.
  • Contribute to your Queensland industry snapshot showing why producers are trusted.
  • Aggregated data reports can be produced for statewide, catchment, river sub-basins or grazing land types.
  • A baseline for the Grazing BMP Partnership and associated government agencies to better prioritise research, development and extension investment. Displays industry progression as the program evolves.

Your property information and associated answers to the standards is not publicly available. The data collected from the program is aggregated to ensure that it is anonymous and is used through reports for the BMP program and for targeted extension. This information is stored by an external party.

There are several contacts for Grazing BMP. Please Click here to contact your local coordinator or contact admin@bmpgrazing.com.au or 07 3236 3100.

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