Grazing BMP provides a breath of fresh air for Monto grazier

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Kapaldo grazier, Alison Gray, attended a 2 day Grazing BMP workshop in Eidsvold last year and found the Grazing BMP program to be a recipe of ‘just what the doctor ordered’.

Alison could have quite easily have found a reason to stay home and continued to help husband John to muster, draft and transport cattle between properties.  Like so many other landholders, Alison finds it difficult to afford the time to attend workshops, juggling the ever changing priorities and demands of the farm. It’s a big ask when there are horses to feed and water, cattle in the yards to tend to,  and then be expected to travel about an hour to get to the workshop venue and not do any ‘real work’ for the day.

At the beginning of day one of the workshop, Alison was feeling tired, drained, and wondering why she continues to do what she does.  When asked what she hoped to get out of the workshop, Alison responded “I would just like to know that there is some positivity out there”.

Alison and husband John have 4 properties within the Kapaldo, Gin Gin and Mt Perry districts running a 350 breeder and fattening business.  Both have worked hard all of their lives to develop and expand their holdings.  Their children have all grown up and left the farm to pursue their own interests, and do not wish to return to take on the family farm.  The light at the end of the tunnel can at times be hard to see by aging eyes in times of drought.

The Grazing BMP workshops are designed to inspire the participants through presentations by guest speakers, and facilitate discussions between producers to learn from each other’s experiences.  The aim is to deliver information in a manner in which participants can return home and adapt to their business.

Alison was so motivated by day one of the workshop, she returned home and convinced husband John to come with her to day 2.  “Everything came together, and it all made sense.  This morning I had a spring in my step as I fed the animals before I came to the workshop” Alison said.

The Grazing BMP program offers a comprehensive health check for any grazing business.  The program provides the medium for graziers to ‘have a good look’ at every aspect of their enterprise, including people and business, soil health, grazing land management, animal health and welfare and animal production.  It allows landholders to assess how they are currently operating their business against a set of standards developed by the grazing industry for the grazing industry.
The Grazing BMP program was developed by Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA), Agforce Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), supported by Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP).

BMRG is committed to the protection and enhancement of the agricultural and natural environment of the Burnett Mary region.  If you are a grazier within the Burnett or Mary River Catchments and wish to complete the BMP self-assessment or undertake the audit process, please contact Sue Burt (Grazing Land Management Officer) on 4169 0720 or 0499545627.

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