Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Corporate advocacy is important to ensuring integrity and rigour in Grazing BMP. We value our supporters of the program through ensuring that mutual benefits are attained. Fore more information on how to become a corporate advocate, please contact admin@bmpgrazing.com.au.


As our first Corporate Partner, OBE continue to be invaluable to providing input to Grazing BMP’s evolution. Through running frequent workshops with OBE producers, we are able to be on the journey of continuous improvement together.

“OBE Organic values Grazing BMP as it assists in assessing whole business performance. Our producers are able to benchmark their current practices against industry standards and then follow up, in their own time on-farm or as part of group sessions OBE Organic helps to facilitate, with extension support to improve business performance.

Organic cattle producers benefit from organic premiums, and Grazing BMP enhances this by continually improving all aspects of their business to be even more profitable and productive.”

– Dalene Wray, OBE General Manager


North Coast Meat Company (NCMC) joined as a corporate partner with Grazing BMP in 2015. The producer owned beef and pork processing co-operative, aims to assist Northern Rivers producers to improve their profitability and sustainability whilst also offering producers an opportunity to enhance their environmental stewardship and their social license to farm.

“NCMC find being involved with Grazing BMP as a value-add to our business. Through being able to assess the ‘whole of business’, we are able to assist our producers to continuously improve.”
– John Seccombe, NCMC Chairman

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